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Munich local Gabriele van de Flierdt has successfully worked as a designer with prestigious companies for the past 30 years. (https://www.vandeflierdt-design.com/). She is known for her signature design-handwriting, her unusual ideas and for her richly coloured designs.
Gabriele van de Flierdt: “Since childhood, I have always been a passionate DIY-er. I have always designed and created unique favourite pieces.
Photography, drawing, spray-painting, printing, sewing, experimenting… I’ve always been passionate about it. I love the creative process.
I am crazy creative!
My favourite handmade pieces are often admired by friends, even by people I just happen to meet around the world.
Now you can purchase my lovingly picked limited edition design-products here in the online shop.
Sustainability, responsibility, appreciation and development are very important to me both privately and in my “crazy creative” design products. Whenever possible, I take care to be sustainable in the Design, production and shipping of my products“

Gabriele, how did you even come up with the idea of drawing on a beach bag?
„Last year when we were planning an island holiday, I desperately wanted to take a basket bag with magnificent hibiscus flowers on it. I looked everywhere and couldn’t even come close to finding one I liked. So I went and bought a basket bag and created the design that made me happy. That beach bag became my new favourite piece. So many people on our trip asked me about my “Happy-Beach-Bag”! It’s a real eye-catcher!
When I’m not using the bag when out and about, it serves as decoration in our living room! It just makes me happy to see it… that way every day I have a little Island Time! »
Gabriele, which unique hand made products will be available  to buy in your Online-Shop?
Get excited for dreamy painted basket bags, glamorous vegan-leather clutches, unusual, elaborate bag pendants, colourful paintings and photographs, originals and prints, breathtaking pareos  and kaftans, unusual paper products, mega-decorative cushion covers with rich colouring and vitality and WOW!”
Gabriele, why are your “crazy creative” products only available in small, limited edition?
“My design-products are almost all unique items and are produced by me in a limited number. So it’s not mass production, everything is hand designed in Munich and created and finished by hand.
 That’s why each of my favourite pieces are only available for you in such limited numbers. That way I also have the opportunity to constantly think of new creations. So it’s always worth checking back to have a look at my "crazy creative" shop!“


Gabriele,  what is important to you when it comes to your “crazy creative” design-products?
„Splendid colours, imaginative ideas, unusual design and a love of detail are what shape my Designs. All patterns are first designed by hand and only then worked up on the computer. Adding my own personal touch is very important to me. I don’t want main stream, I want to develop unique designs which have that wow effect and give you that moment of happiness feeling! My products are a declaration of love to infinity and freedom. The design of my favourite pieces embodies everything that is important to me: positivity, joie de vivre, freedom, strength, sensuality, individuality, timeless style and quality. Sustainability is very important to me. Both privately and when it comes to my design collection. I use only carefully selected materials. I always try to behave consciously and to constantly educate and develop myself. No one is perfect, everyone can improve something. Following the motto: You can make a difference today – and every day! If not me, then who! If not now, then when!“
Gabriele, what does creativity mean to you?
“To be able to play around freely with an artistic mix of design and handwork (in the truest sense of the word). I love the creative process. Working creatively means constantly re-organizing the chaos in your head”
That’s how it is with me. I’m always collecting impressions, colours, colour combinations, pictures, moods, moments, materials…
When the chaos in my head clears, I come up with so many new ideas.
I love getting this chaos onto paper and using it to create artistic, elaborate and unique design-products.
This brings me great joy. The spectrum of possibilities is limitless.“

Gabriele, what criteria make up a favourite piece in your collection?
„A favourite piece has a design which gives me such a feeling of joy, I absolutely have to have it.
It has to be truly unusual, unique, glamorous and stunning.
My favourite pieces also aren’t mass produced items, they have to tell a story. Fashion trends are important, but a favourite piece has a timeless design. I love it so much that over the years I get it out, wear it and use it time and again and am sad if it breaks or falls apart.
My mother showed me that it is worth saving up and spending a little more for unusual, timeless products. Because then you wear and own that favourite piece with pride. Ultimately thats also something very contemporary, better to buy and spend less, but then get something truly special.
This also speaks to my need for sustainability. I’m with Vivienne Westwood on this one:
"Buy less, choose well." -Vivienne Westwood“
Gabriele, tell us about your sources of inspiration:
“I find inspiration in the smallest moments in life. I like to be attentive to the world around me and if you manage to be respectful, playful and curious you see a lot.
Sometimes you just have to take a step back and you discover an interesting new perspective on things.
My travels to the most diverse countries on earth and my encounters with people and foreign cultures are big sources of inspiration for me.
I love to go on photography expeditions through nature, through cities, I love discovering the play of light and shadow or the radiance of colours.
“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” -Wassily Kandinsky
I find a lot of inspiration in summer. I’m a barefoot-girl and ocean lover. In summer, on the beach, in the water, sun on my face, blue sky above me, walking around barefoot – makes me feel so free and full of life. I’m always on the hunt for adventurous colour combinations, unusual moments, exotic blossoms and leaves, heavenly inspirations. For that reason many of my design products are summer pieces and full of colour
I love flowers, they are a big source of inspiration for me. I can always find so much beauty in them, whether they have blossomed or withered.
I come from Munich and I love my homeland Bavaria. „Oh Du schönes Bayernland“. (“Oh you beautiful Bavaria”)
My love of my family and friends gives me strength and inspiration”

Gabriele, tell us your “all-time” favourite colours:
“That’s easy: I love orange, pink, Leo, zebra, gladly with a sprinkle of gold.”
Gabriele, there’s now also a “crazy creative“- YouTube Channel with creative DIY videos by you!?
“Yes, my motto is “watch-create-wow-“! On my channel I’ll be sharing inspiring, little creative projects with you. Guaranteed to be easy to follow and recreate! Foolproof, but always “crazy creative“ qnd wow!

I’ll happily answer any questions you might have, send me an E-Mail

Gabriele van de Flierdt


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