Gabriele, tell us what inspires you?
"I find inspiration in the smallest moments of life. I like to observe mindfully and you can see a lot if you are respectful and curious. Sometimes you just have to take a step aside and discover a new surprising perspective on things.
My travels in the most diverse countries of the world, encounters with people and foreign cultures are a great source of inspiration for me. I like to go on photo expeditions there, through nature, through cities, discover the play of light and shadow or the radiance of colours.
"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul." -Wassily Kandinsky

Gabriele, when do you like to paint the most?
I like to go to the studio early in the morning, with a cup of tea or an espresso, consider myself lucky and start....
Gabriele, how do you create your paintings?
To start, I need a large canvas, acrylic paints, a number of large brushes and lots of water. I start by choosing a colour palette that inspires me. 
I always start by applying a layer of paint to the canvas with lots of water. Then I start painting with my big brushes, using broad sweeping strokes to create the first composition.
As I paint, I add more and more water to the surface of the canvas. This allows the paint to move and flow in unexpected ways, creating interesting textures and patterns
Gabriele, do you listen to music while painting?
I love to listen to music while painting, preferably uplifting & ethereal style. With music I dive directly into a carefree state of mind where I fully engage in the creative process. In this state of mindfulness, worries and distractions fade away, allowing me to focus entirely on the act of painting and experience a deep sense of freedom.
Music and art flow into each other
Gabriele, what is your favourite country?
If I had to choose one country, it would be Italy. I have loved the colours, the country and the people, the food and the language all my life.



Gabriele, what is your favourite season?
Summer! I am a barefoot girl and ocean lover. In summer, at. A lake, on the beach, in the water, sun on my face, blue sky above me, walking barefoot - that's how I feel free and full of joie de vivre. I am always inspired then... I see beautiful colour combinations, special moods, such as shades of mountain ranges, cloud formations, moods at the water...



Gabriele, are you close to home?
Definitely. I'm from Munich and love my home state of Bavaria. "Oh, you beautiful Bavaria“. The mountains, the lakes, the white-blue sky!  The love for my family and friends also gives me strength and inspiration.

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